May 14

Hummer Hire and why you have to be CRAZY!


Have you ever imagined turning up to your formal/deb, special Event or even a big family event in a slick Black Hummer Limo? Paparazzi crazed people jumping you as you try to exit the vehicle and wow what a memory that would be!

Hummer Hire is Awesome. There is no doubt about that in actual fact anyone who has managed to get themselves inside these massive machines is certainly getting them self in for a surprisingly comfortable ride.

The interior on your average stretch hummer limo is outstanding and with the highest quality finish. The hummers i have managed to get my self in to have all been soft, spacious, colorful and certainly loud when you crank up the subs.

Many Great Reasons for Hummer Hire.

A great experience though in more reasons than one, these are the reasons i love stretch hummers.

  • Comfort level is great
  • VIP status is High
  • Chauffeurs Know how to Party and Where to go for a good time.
  • Can invite a group for more fun
  • Endless possibilities when it comes to opportunities to look popular ;)

Some of the reasons may be vein but who in there right mind gets in a hummer limo, especially a pink hummer, and is not thinking about what others will think when they turn up right!

my experience with these giant limousines has been good and i recommend that you give it a go one time over at least, like sky diving.

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Feb 19

Things I Find interesting about Google.

I know when I Google locations it’s pretty amazing of getting the right place you are looking for. It’s also very correct it tells you how long it is to get to a place and how far it is. It’s to plan out when it comes to works out don’t you think. A great way to plan, ways you can get excise into your life. Like walk 3 Km per hour to the shop to buy bread, or instead Run 6 Km per hour to the Movies. It always helps you when you’re in a rush which way is the best way to take.

Another thing Google is awesome at searching is finding the correct information for research. When you want change money over from overseas it tells you how much it is worth and how much you would get for changing money over. How helpful is it, when you’re unsure how to do something like make a yummy chicken pasta bake or how to put together a book shelf. You can teach yourself new skills you had no idea how to do, or learn new information you know nothing about, you have a project coming up and you have no Idea about the website. Yet with few hours of studying you know all about it, or stream a video and lean it within 20 minutes. The best part is that all the pages you search only have true information.

Have you ever want to learn how to speak another language, say French?  or how about Spanish or German or even possible Dutch well  you can learn how to speak any language off Google, you can also  learn what things are/ mean in different language or even in different countries

I enjoy the fact is that people can have their say, you know where all the best places to go are for like everything, Best places to go and eat, best places to buy things from, and places you should stay away from. Or just what you should expect when you go to places. Example if you were to go Kfc the only meat you can buy there is chicken; you don’t want to go there to buy half a cow.

Its pretty choice how fast everything updates as soon as something happens, with the news the moment  new story comes out you can find it first on Google, what place had the last earth quake, what sports team is playing where. If you want know what happening around you, just Google it and it will be at your fingertips in a few seconds :)